Hearing scheduled on release of Cosby jury names

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Giugno 20, 2017

NORRISTOWN-Saturday morning, Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O'Neill finally bent to the will of the jury and declared a mistrial in Bill Cosby's sexual assault case.

"Mr. Cosby's power is back".

"The legacy remains intact", said Andrew Wyatt, the longtime spokesman for the legendary entertainer. Other media outlets, including Calkins Media, also have made similar requests to the judge.

Constand's lawyers released a statement on Saturday after the hung jury result, thanking the district attorney's office and "the many police officers and detectives who worked on this case", as well as the "jury for their tireless efforts and. their sacrifice".

Over the weekend, his wife, Camille Cosby, spoke out, taking on the district attorney in a statement, calling him "heinously and explosively ambitious". However, instead of commenting on the implications of the mistrial, Oliver only briefly reflected on Cosby's odd behavior after the trial.

Another one of Cosby's accusers, actor Kathy McKee, who alleges Cosby raped her in 1973, once described the incident - after which, she said, he pretended that nothing odd or remarkable had just happened between them - as an unthinkably violent encounter with hubris.

Former federal prosecutor David Weinstein said Cosby's celebrity nearly certainly played a role in the jury's deliberations, perhaps to convince "two or three jurors that it's impossible to convict Dr. Huxtable, to convict Fat Albert. that he couldn't have done this terrible thing". That made it a lot easier for the defense team to attack Constand and her credibility. For Constand, the worst-case scenario is that she has spent a decade braving legal scrutiny as a victim for nothing. Prosecutors are trying to keep them a secret.

It's understandable they would think that; for most of America's history, women's allegations of sexual assault were not to be believed - even when men stated something as true that was clearly a lie.

The jury that said it was "hopelessly deadlocked" on Saturday was selected in Pittsburgh, then bused to suburban Philadelphia and sequestered during 11 days of testimony and deliberations.

Media organizations including The Associated Press are seeking the jurors' identities.

He reminded prosecutors and the defense that "a mistrial is neither vindication nor victory for anybody".

O'Neill, an intense and folksy jurist who often strolled the hallways during six days of jury deliberations loudly whistling the theme from the television show "The Leftovers", seemed to side with the prosecution by allowing deliberations to drag on for 52 hours.

Constand, 44, is the only one of dozens of Cosby accusers whose report led to a criminal trial because, in the other cases, the statute of limitations had expired.

McMonagle said this year's trial was unfair. He did not immediately return a message from The Associated Press on Monday.

He also said he gave Constand three half-tablets of the cold and allergy medicine Benadryl before the "petting" began. Prosecutors suggested he drugged her with something stronger.

"The parties walked away from this case 14 years ago and resolved the matter", McMonagle said, referring to prosecutors' decision in 2005 to not criminally charge Cosby with Constand's assault.

Looking at Cosby, 79, I saw not good old Cliff Huxtable from The Cosby Show, but a man accused publicly by some 60 women across the decades.

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