DJ Khaled Appears In Special Preview Trailer For "Pitch Perfect 3"

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Giugno 20, 2017

Pitch Perfect 3 doesn't hit theaters until December 22, but a behind-the-scenes look at the film has dropped to give you an aca-mazing a capella fix. But can you spot The Crown's John Lithgow? Apparently, everybody really did have a ton of fun making it, so you can't capture the Pitch Perfect 3 experience in a two-minute montage of amusing moments and good tunes. Watch the Pitch Perfect 3 featurette below for our first glimpse at the sequel. That's quite a jump from "Pitch Perfect 1", which had a limited-run opening of just $5M back in 2012.

Generally, when a movie studio is trying to promote an upcoming film, it doesn't make a big show of how much fun everybody had while making the movie. "Pitch Perfect 2" was directed by Elizabeth Banks, who also appeared in the film as Gail. "I am the most badass Bella", says Wilson, who can be seen being taken down by some tough canines and using a fire extinguisher to get rid of... something.

The eagerly awaited next chapter in the "Pitch Perfect" franchise is led by series producers Paul Brooks of Gold Circle Entertainment and Max Handelman & Elizabeth Banks of Brownstone Productions.

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