Kate meets London Bridge attack victims and hospital staff

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 19, 2017

The Duchess arrived at King's College Hospital in Denmark Hill, south London, this afternoon, for a low-key visit which was not publicised in advance so that hospital staff could continue their vital work as normal.

A total of 14 people suffering predominantly with stab wounds were admitted to King's College Hospital shortly after the attack.

Kate is due to meet with the patients still requiring treatment but, out of respect to the victims, there will be no pictures or information given on these visits.

The hospital staff looked thrilled to have Kate in their presence, and she stopped to greet every member of the team.

LONDON (AP) - The Duchess of Cambridge has visited victims of the London Bridge attacks who are recovering in a hospital. She also took the time to speak with doctors, nurses, and support staff to hear how they were caring for the victims, and how they were coping themselves.

The Duchess was met by Nick Moberly, the hospital's Chief Executive and Medical Director Professor Julia Wendon, who showed her around the hospital's emergency department and trauma wards. "What you do is remarkable".

"I. saw a few injured people who were bleeding - including a man who had been stabbed in the stomach - and we got them to safety in the pub", he said.

"The response was incredible", she praised the staff. "I presume you are trained to cope with this but hope this kind of incident never happens". I presume you are trained to cope with this but hope this kind of incident never happens.

She elaborated further and said the aim of the terrorists is to create a split in society and pitch communities against each other.

A group of British Muslims gave 3,000 roses to people on London Bridge on Sunday in a demonstration of solidarity following the van and knife rampage that left eight people dead and dozens injured, reported Press Association.

The attacks come days ahead of a June 8 election and less than two weeks after a suicide bomber killed 22 people at a music concert by U.S singer Ariana Grande in Manchester in northern England. He also privately met some of the young victims in hospital.

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