British PM May tries to quell public anger after deadly London fire

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Июня 19, 2017

The police are appealing to anyone with pictures or videos of the blaze to hand them in, as they may help establish not only where and how the fire started, but also how it spread.

The government must work "urgently" to compile a list of properties similar to the 24-story West London apartment block that burned down Wednesday night, and publish the information with the "maximum amount of transparency", Khan wrote in an opinion piece for the Observer. Hands cautioned that officials don't yet have exact details about the renovation that ended just past year.

Ronnie King, the UK's former chief fire officer, told Al Jazeera: "I wouldn't wish to denigrate those who installed the cladding because - whatever the cladding was - it did not have to be fire resistant under the building regulations", said King.

It is now believed that the type of extremely flammable material used for this cladding greatly increased the speed with which the fire spread, changing what might have conceivably been a more manageable conflagration into an uncontrollable inferno.

Her government is trying to make up ground in reacting to a fire that trapped people in their beds in the early hours of Wednesday, with many unable to escape as the flames raced up the building, cutting off exit routes and forcing some to jump.

He said all records - including emails, minutes of meetings, correspondence with contractors, safety assessments, specifications and reports - must be kept intact.

Residents living in Sunderland's high-rise blocks are being reassured of their safety following the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy in London.

He said the fire - which is thought to have killed at least 58 people - was the effect of the "mistakes and neglect from the politicians - the council and the government". Britain's Press Association says around 70 people are missing.

Police have said criminal prosecutors will be pursued if there is evidence of wrongdoing. He has not provided details about the inquiry. Clement's Church near Grenfell Tower.

The Council says it will cooperate "in full" with the government's inquiry. Anger among residents has been mounting in recent days as information about the missing has been scanty and efforts to find temporary housing have faltered.

A poster hangs outside a building in London calling for "Justice for Grenfell".

Prime Minister Theresa May in particular has been criticised for failing to meet victims during a visit to the site of the incident.

Dr Tomlin said he believed residents left the meeting feeling "reassured that they were listened to", but added: 'Time will tell as to whether it makes a difference.

The Government's £5 million emergency fund is already being spent on clothing and food to help the dispossessed and NHS London will provide counselling and bereavement support to families.

A nearby London council says it is assuming control over aspects of the Grenfell Tower response operation as accusations of mismanagement of the crisis mounted against Kensington and Chelsea council, BuzzFeed News can reveal.

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