Bill Cosby jury begins Day 3 of deliberations

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 19, 2017

The jury which includes one Black man and one Black woman, began deliberating the evening of June. 12.

Jurors in the Cosby case continued to deliberate, nearing a total of 15 hours including a four-hour stint Monday, with only intermittent signs of progress. The question marked the sixth time the jury asked a question to the judge. O'Neill also read to them for about 45 minutes from Cosby's 2005 deposition in Constand's civil case again, from the portions that focused on that night more than 13 years ago and the sequence of events.

His primary complaint? O'Neill's decision Monday to bar the defense from calling what would have been one of its only witnesses, Marguerite Jackson, a Temple University academic adviser who said Constand once described how she could frame "a high-profile" person on accusations that he had sexually assaulted her.

When asked how she would feel about Cosby should the jury find him guilty, Pulliam said, "I'm going to have to cross that bridge when I come to it".

Around 60 women came forward to publicly accuse Cosby in recent years of being a serial sexual predator alleging that he drugged and assaulted them over a span of 40 years in cities across the United States. Each carries a maximum 10-year term, though the counts could be merged at sentencing if he is convicted.

Andrea, who is now 44 years of age, gave her testimony last week saying that she was drugged by Bill and, then, penetrated by him using his fingers against her will.

Constand testified over two days last week for the prosecution. At one point midday, the group had asked O'Neill to clarify the meaning of "without her knowledge", one of the elements of the aggravated indecent assault charge against the Cosby.

The comedian also faces a defamation lawsuit by model Janice Dickinson, who claims Cosby drugged and raped her in Lake Tahoe, California, in 1982.

"Put them down, they're your friends". The hot stromboli they'd ordered was already on the way. "You have taken your task so seriously". Cosby said in a civil deposition read aloud in the trial that the interaction was consensual. She said she got up to leave and found Cosby in the kitchen.

"In my head I was trying to get my hands to move or my legs to move, but I was frozen and those [mental] messages didn't get there and I was very limp, so I wasn't able to fight him anyway", she said.

"I wanted it to stop", she testified.

"Don't let her declare victim", defense lawyer Brian McMonagle implored the jury. They cast Cosby as an unfaithful husband - but not a criminal.

Right off the bat Tuesday, jurors wanted to look over statements Constand made to police in 2005. "Their parallel strategies make sense, given what's at stake for Mr. Cosby".

In addition, Constand initially told police that she had not been alone with Cosby prior to the alleged assault and that they had little contact after. "On each occasion, Andrea and I shared a hotel room", Jackson said, in the statement. She was a young child when she worked on "The Cosby Show", and this is a man she largely owes her career to.

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