Protester arrested after interrupting controversial staging of 'Julius Caesar' with Trump look-alike

Paterniano Del Favero
Giugno 18, 2017

The Central Park Theater's rendition of "Julius Caesar" made global headlines for its brutal on-stage assassination of an actor who's a proxy for President Trump.

The incident was filmed by Jack Posobiec, a right wing provocateur best known for helping to spread the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

He was also a Bernie Sanders supporter who had criticised Trump on social media.

A woman identifying herself on social media as Laura Loomer jumped on stage shouting, "Stop the normalization of political violence against the right", and, "This is violence against Donald TrumpDonald TrumpProtesters interrupt Trump-parody play: "Blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands" Trump earns 8M as Mar-a-Lago profits spike FBI refuses to release Comey memos while investigation ongoing MORE". We're going to pause.

Audience members tweeted out footage of Posobiec being removed from the theater shortly after Loomer, as he kept up the Nazi-slinging diatribe. From the audience, Posobiec yelled to the actors and the crowd "you are Goebbels", referring to the Nazi minister of propaganda. "This is all Goebbels". You are inciting terrorists!

"Goebbels would be proud!"

On a lighter note, one audience member tweeted that during the brief interruption, even the very dead Caesar raised his bloody head to see what all the fuss was about.

The protester, who the NYPD did not name, was charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct, police said.

Loomer later thanked those who had donated to her legal defense fund.

Ironically, the protesters missed the more radical artistic choices of the production-Octavius, soon to be the first Roman emperor after Julius and the assassins are out of the picture, looks like Jared Kushner on his fateful visit to Iraq.

Earlier this week, Delta Air Lines Inc and Bank of America Corp pulled funding of the production, hours after Trump's son Donald Jr. sent a Twitter message questioning whether it was art or political speech.

This Manhattan Central Park crowd was on their feet cheering - they were cheering as an actor dressed as the president was stabbed to death.

The theater has defended the work, which can be interpreted as a cautionary tale that warns against violence. The thing about the play is this: It tells us that killing the man in charge leads to the downfall of the entire republic.

On Monday, a Public Theatre spokeswoman said: "Our production of Julius Caesar in no way advocates violence towards anyone".

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