Korea says it freed United States student over humanitarian reasons

Paterniano Del Favero
Giugno 17, 2017

Doctors treating him in the USA said they found no evidence of botulism, but did find severe brain damage consistent with losing oxygen to the brain. That cessation of breathing could be triggered by several things, including intoxication or a traumatic injury. "This pattern of brain injury, however, is usually seen as a result of cardiopulmonary arrest where the blood supply to the brain is inadequate for a period of time resulting in the death of brain tissue".

"U.S. citizens in the DPRK are at serious risk of arrest and long-term detention under North Korea's system of law enforcement", the State Department travel warning reads, "This system imposes unduly harsh sentences for actions that would not be considered crimes in the United States and threatens USA citizen detainees with being treated in accordance with 'wartime law of the DPRK'".

Soon after the interview, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Special Representative for North Korea Policy Joseph Yun began working towards Warmbier's release, with both Warmbier's father and his mother, Cindy, citing their efforts specifically as instrumental in bringing their son home. Doctors, however, do not know precisely how Warmbier reached that state. "We are glad that he is home, rejoined with his family", he said. He suffered a "severe neurological injury", a University of Cincinnati Medical Center spokeswoman revealed Thursday. Throughout that time, his family has been at his bedside, doctors said. "However, he shows no signs of understanding language, responding to verbal commands or awareness of his surroundings", he said. The father said the family now felt liberated, unafraid to speak their minds. Some information was dated from April, however the Cincinnati hospital doctors said they had no way to verify the dates. "That's what we're seeing is this removal". Warmbier had plans to visit Beijing, China, after he left North Korea. On his last night there, he apparently tried to remove a large propaganda sign. Warmbier, whose parents say has been in a coma while serving a 15-year prison. He made more than a dozen trips to Washington, D.C., relying on what he calls false promises from the Obama administration that the North Koreans would treat Otto fairly and let him go.

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The North Korean government said botulism is to blame for Warmbier's condition, but doctors haven't found any evidence of the illness in the now 22-year-old.

Moreover, there was no evidence of botulism. He was then carried off the plane and placed on a stretcher. "But what they do is they provide fodder for the North Koreans and my son happened to become fodder for the North Koreans", Fred Warmbier said.

Warmbier's father, Fred Warmbier, also talked about his son's medical condition after his release Tuesday from the totalitarian nation.

THOMPSON: Warmbier called on North Korea to release the other Americans being held there.

But, says Rosenberg, "Putting in place the kind of restrictions that would require USA citizens to seek a license to go to North Korea - most of that falls to Congress to do". "They did not do this out of the kindness of their hearts". He said the foundation's executive director traveled to North Korea in November and proposed that Richardson travel there for the goal, but the North Koreans did not respond.

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