Rest easy during EU holidays: no more phone roaming costs

Geronimo Vena
Giugno 16, 2017

"I've been in Europe for two weeks spending three pounds a day to be able to use my phone, and tomorrow I don't have to", said Charlie Wild, a musician from Scotland.

In France, Free expanded the reach of its roaming-charge-free zone in March, whereas Orange and Bouygues did away with the fees in May. The EU decision to abolish roaming charges comes in effect today and now calls, texts, and data on mobile devices cost the same regardless if you are at home or in any other country in the EU.

"Finally, Europeans from all walks of life will be able to travel throughout the EU without incurring the often huge additional expense incurred for making calls or using the internet overseas".

"So-called "bill shock" from holidaying in the European Union affected more than nine million United Kingdom mobile users a year", says the Daily Telegraph.

Here are some key questions you might want answering:Is it free to use my phone overseas?

Holidaymakers and business folk also need to be minded of the fact that they could still be stung by other mobile charges when travelling to the EU.

No, those charges have gone. Many companies have aimed to cover costs by introducing small increases to the basic cost of roaming-enabled contracts.

And what about Swedish providers? (That'll fall to €2.50 by 2022.) Customers might also be asked to pay more if they stay in another country within the European Union longer than the country to which the SIM belongs. Here's what you need to know.

No. You'll still pay the same fees as you would if you were at home, it's just the sneaky price hikes that have been banned. The carriers are first going to issue a warning but if you still exceed the fair use barrier then you should be ready to shell out €7.70 per GB of mobile data and taxes.

Hence the name of the law: Roam like at home.

The "roam like at home" deal means clients will not be charged extra when making calls outside their home country.

How will Brexit affect the changes? That will be one of the things the Government will negotiate about as part of our Article 50 negotiations when they get underway - although expect it to be a long way down the list.

For the moment it is unclear what the affect of Brexit will be on this new law for United Kingdom residents travelling overseas.

She could not be happier about the end to roaming fees. Therefore using the internet overseas is no longer something to avoid.

The end of roaming charges is only designed for short-term travellers, not people living overseas for a long time. Unless you had a fantastic data roaming contract with your network, your mobile phone was practically burning a hole in your pocket, allowing a stream of frittered euros to scatter into the gutter.

So Erasmus students and those working overseas for a lengthy period of time are advised to buy a local sim card.

It applies to all 28 European Union countries, with three further countries; Iceland, Liechenstein, and Norway, joining the scheme "shortly after" today. Country inclusion depends on your provider, so it's best to contact them directly.

Can you call your friends or family while you're on holiday together?

So, will this really mean the end of hefty holiday bills?

If you're making regular calls overseas, a package or add on with your network could save you money.

This plan has been in the pipeline for a long time.

Do the changes include people on pay-as-you-go deals?

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