Jury questions posed during Bill Cosby's sex assault trial

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Giugno 16, 2017

One of them, Lili Bernard, burst into tears on Thursday after getting into an argument with a Cosby supporter outside. In a rarity for such a trial, we got to hear directly from the accused, not just the complainant, Canadian Andrea Constand.

Constand is a former college basketball star and managed the women's basketball team at Temple University. In clear and firm statements, she said Cosby, a powerful Temple alum, mentored her and took an interest in her career like a father figure. The case has little forensic evidence, and legal experts have said it fits the "he said-she said" dynamic so common to sexual offense cases. He added, "If after further deliberations you are still deadlocked on some or all of the charges, you should report that to me".

Several of the other women who accuse Cosby of molesting them are confronting a half-dozen supporters outside the courthouse.

"I was really nervous and wasn't able to recall every particular moment that I had seen Mr. Cosby in order of dates", she explained.

Bill Cosby leaves the Montgomery County Courthouse during his sexual assault trial, Wednesday, June 14, 2017, in Norristown, Pa.

Paskey, a former prosecutor with almost 100 jury trials under his belt, said he has seen a judge tell jurors three times to resume deliberations, and in that case they did produce a conviction in a sexual assault case. Deliberations resumed after 9:30 a.m. The entertainer says they were lovers and their encounter was consensual. #Bill Cosby's spokesperson believes that this deadlock shows the truth of Cosby, and points to the fact that he is not guilty. Cosby and his lawyers have repeatedly denied the claims.

For four days and nearly 30 hours, the jurors for Bill Cosby's #Criminal Trial have been deliberating the accusations by Andrea Constand that she was sexually assaulted by Cosby in 2004.

After the jury informer Judge Steven O'Neill that they could not come to a decision regarding the case, O'Neill told the jury to go back and keep discussing the case until an outcome was reached. Perhaps a hopeful nudge that the jury will keep at it until they arrive at a verdict. Constand testified last week that she was paralyzed by the pills and unable to fight Cosby off.

They allege a pattern of gaining women's trust by mentoring them then drugging and sexually assaulting them.

Constand's allegations are the only ones to result in criminal charges, with numerous others too old to allow for prosecution.

The trial outside Philadelphia involves Cosby's sexual encounter with a woman at his home in 2004.

The jury's first question pertained to Cosby's admission that he gave Constand three blue pills. If convicted of all three charges, Cosby could be sentenced to up to 10 years on each count.

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