GTA modding tool OpenIV downed by cease and desist notification

Geronimo Vena
Giugno 16, 2017

However, publisher Take-Two Interactive has just struck a serious blow to the modding community. A bad news for those who are using this tool, Take-Two has dropped an official Cease-and-Desist letter to stop this modding tool.

Many angry GTA fans are even swearing to never buy another game from Take-Two again.

'On June 5th, 2017, we had received an official Cease-and-Desist letter, ' the group explains in its announcement. The letter, he said, said Open IV must shutter because it allows "third parties to defeat security features of its software and modify that software in violations of Take-Two's rights".

The team says that they could go to court and try to fight it and prove that modding is fair use, but the team decided against it as the ensuing legal battle could be costly for what amounts to no gain for the development team. Take-Two and developer Rockstar, which has publicly supported mods in the past, have yet to comment on the matter.

The modding tool in question here is called OpenIV and has existed for around 10 years. This is due to how long the court process would take the the team doesn't believe they will be given any compensation.

One of the best things about the Grand Theft Auto series has been its modding community on PC.

Originally released in 2013 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, before hitting PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2014 and PC in 2015, Grand Theft Auto V has sold by the bucketloads.

If you glance at the Grand Theft Auto V Steam store page, you'll notice a rising trend in negative reviews being left by furious users.

The Open IV tool is no longer available for download, and it won't be updated. However, at this point, Take-Two seems pretty intent on ridding its games of modding entirely, likely in order to capitalise on new multiplayer components to games. The "Liberty City in GTAV" total conversion modification allowed players to play Grand Theft Auto V in the world of Grand Theft Auto IV.

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