Grenfell Tower fire: Theresa May orders full public inquiry

Paterniano Del Favero
Giugno 16, 2017

Firefighters were called to the 24-storey tower at 00:54 BST on Wednesday 14th June, and fought the blaze throughout the night, into the day, and onto the following night.

Metropolitan Police in London say they're continuing to evacuate people from a massive apartment fire in west London.

"We need to know what happened, we need to know an explanation".

The prime minister vowed to rehouse all of the victims of Grenfell Tower, which erupted in flames early morning Wednesday in Kensington.

"Tragically now we are not expecting to find anyone else alive", Cotton told Sky News. "It is also heartening to see the incredible generosity of community volunteers rallying to help those affected by this bad event", she said.

"I anticipate London Fire Brigade will be on the scene here for many days to come", she said.

Ms Cotton suggested it "will take weeks before this building is truly cleared and searched properly" as parts of it still need to be shored up and there is a risk of falling debris.

The government has promised that other recently refurbished tower blocks will be assessed. Reynobond makes three types of panel: one with a flammable plastic core, and two with fire resistant cores.

The presenter revealed how she had returned to "completely altered community", as described how local donation points had been overwhelmed by handouts for the victims of the tragedy. Stuart Cundy said that "we believe this number will sadly increase".

But residents had been concerned about safety, and Grenfell Action Group said in a blog post in November "only a catastrophic event" would expose the issues.

"We will cooperate with the relevant authorities and emergency services and fully support their enquiries into the causes of this fire at the appropriate time", it said.

"That is why I am demanding a full, independent public inquiry into the fire at Grenfell Tower".

Fire safety engineers were stunned at how rapidly the fire spread, engulfing the building in less than an hour in the middle of the night and preventing firefighters from reaching many people inside.

Up to 600 people lived in 120 apartments in the Grenfell Tower. Some jumped to their deaths rather than face the flames, and witnesses reported seeing small children thrown from the tower by their families in a desperate bid to survive.

Cladding has been added to a number of buildings across London in recent years, meant to provide insulation as well as improve the appearance of older buildings.

The London Fire Brigade was at the scene working to determine the cause of the fire and looking for people who are missing.

During the emergency session Mr Corbyn said he "feels very angry" at the loss of life in the tower block where the fire precautions did not work.

Residents of Borehamwood and Elstree have been queuing out of the door to donate goods such as toiletries, toys, clothes and food for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire this week. "Food and drink free of charge so just go and speak to my manager Juan and we will sort you out and give you some love".

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