Scotland will be independent by 2025, Nicola Sturgeon believes

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 15, 2017

She was asked twice if she would respect the result of the second referendum for a set period of time if the country voted to stay in.

But the first minister said it would happen only after the outcome of the Brexit negotiations became clear.

Murray, the former shadow Scotland secretary, is the odds-on favourite to retain the Edinburgh South seat and Scottish Labour insiders are highly confident of another victory in the constituency at the general election this Thursday.

"In seats across the country it is the Liberal Democrats that are set to sweep the SNP out and in these key areas people should back the Liberal Democrats to change the direction of this country and send a message to the SNP that they can not keep sweeping our problems under the carpet".

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said that she would be open to forming a "progressive alternative to the Tories" with other parties if the election delivers a hung parliament.

Ms Sturgeon said she expects to be "judged" on her education pledge at the next Holyrood election, arguing her party was taking action.

He said: "The Prime Minister was clearly unaware that thanks to her government, Police Scotland is the only territorial force in the United Kingdom to be charged Value-Added Tax".

She said: 'The point of principle for me is the end of the process.

With some reports suggesting pro-Union parties in Scotland are working together to defeat the SNP by limiting campaigning in some areas, Ms Sturgeon said: "I think it is shameful that Labour appear to be in cahoots with the Tories in Scotland".

"I don't say that independence is a magic solution to everything", she said. Dugdale denied any independence referendum would be granted under a Labour government in exchange for SNP support.

She told BBC's Newsbeat: 'I have to try and ration myself and pull myself off of Twitter.

The issue of class sizes and teacher numbers were also raised by teachers in the audience.

"However this year people in Scotland are not buying it".

The leader of the SNP said she is so hooked on the micro-blogging site that she has to "ration" herself.

"She should get on with the day job, concentrate on what she was elected to do which has been neglected in the past, and above all drop this idea of an unnecessary and unwanted referendum".

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale dismissed the comments, saying Mr Corbyn had ruled out doing any such deal with the SNP.

Both parties have ruled out a formal coalition deal should the election on 8 June not produce a clear victor.

However Ms Sturgeon said she was "sceptical" about the prospect of a hung parliament.

'But I've also said very clearly in this election, that albeit the polls have narrowed, I still think the likelihood is the Tories will win this election, but it's no longer inevitable that Theresa May will have a bigger majority and Scotland could stop that happening'.

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