Help Chicago police find owner of dog rescued from Lake Michigan

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Июня 14, 2017

Earlier this morning, police were able to rescue a dog that had fallen into Lake Michigan and was unable to get back onto land on its own. The dog can then be seen falling in the water and frantically struggling to return to the roadway.

A news helicopter crew in Chicago captured video of an incredible rescue early Tuesday morning. When the crew noticed the dog, it was simply getting a drink of water, but moved too close to the edge falling into Lake Michigan where police recovered it.

An officer responding to a nearby auto crash rushed over to help the dog. "He just kept running back and forth, was pretty excited". Once I heard, I turned over, I saw him swimming, just went over there and grabbed him.

Police said a news conference would be held on Tuesday afternoon.

The frightened dog scurried along the edge of the lake, but eventually they coaxed it close enough to put a leash on it. Farris and Guzman brought the dog to the 18th District.

"I've always wanted to a dog", said Farris, noting he lives in a high rise. The dog was rescued from the water by officers responding to the crash.

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