Jordan troops killed 5 suspected infiltrators from Syria

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Giugno 12, 2017

Jordan's army said on Sunday its border guards killed five people who were approaching its frontier from Tanf, a Syrian desert town where US special forces training rebels are based.

After that, a pickup vehicle and two motorbikes returned towards Jordan and the Border Guards opened fire, killing five, destroying the pickup and motorbikes and damaging another vehicle that tried to save the infiltrators.

The army statement did not give any details of the identity of the men and whether they were smugglers or militants in the area where Jordan's northeastern borders meet both Iraq and Syria.

In a separate incident, two other people were arrested for trying to cross the border from Syria illegally, the army said.

Border guards also foiled another attempt by two persons to cross the frontier from Syria, arresting them and referring them to the competent authorities, the statement added.

Jordan has been on alert for possible infiltrations by Islamic State group extremists who seized territories in Syria and Iraq in 2014. Daesh claimed the attack which took place in a no-man's land near the Rukban crossing.

Jordan said following attacks in June previous year which killed seven soldiers that desert regions that stretch northeast to Syria and east to Iraq are "closed military zones".

At the beginning of June, Border Guards arrested four suspects who attempted to enter Jordan from neighbouring countries.

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