Michelle Obama's Apple Speech

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 9, 2017

"Women are in charge of everything, we do everything, we are in charge of everything in the household", Obama said. Several of those students had the chance to meet the former first lady in person before her speech. That's because the publication claims that Mrs. Obama's speech was closely guarded to the point that reporters were pulled out of the line.

Michelle Obama.APMichelle Obama spoke at Apple's developer's conference in San Jose on Tuesday, but unless you were one of the select group of conference attendees approved by the company, it wasn't easy to find out what the former First Lady had to say. Earlier today, Michelle Obama, Cook, and Apple VP Lisa Jackson took the stage to discuss a wide range of topics, including empowerment, diversity in technology, and more.

Obama said she's still figuring out her new role outside of the White House. "And there's still millions of girls around the world who aren't getting an education, not just because of the lack of resources or not having access to schools. there are cultural barriers that are keeping young girls down".

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on if or how much Obama was paid for the talk.

Other than that, not a lot is known about Michelle's speech, reports Business Insider. "How we need to strive to be pillars in our environment, how we need to affect around us people that are closest to us, because that inspires change", said engineer Leila Navon. "We haven't figured out how to make these girls successful-that's on us".

Mrs. Obama also explained to the Apple crowd that dealing with fear in life means not allowing fear to consume you. Who are you marketing to? You think the president can do everything.

Obama also said it's crucial to promote racial diversity in the workplace.

"We are at a time in this country where we need problem solvers out there... who believe in the power of immigrants, believe that global warming is real".

Cooked described Obama as someone who has been a champion for inspiring young people to reach higher.

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