Soon, iPhones will block texts while driving

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 8, 2017

You see, iOS 11 is only compatible with devices running 64-bit processors. The software will include a new AI and augmented reality features. With iOS 11, it appears Apple is finally allowing that to happen. Among the new offerings from Apple is a challenge to the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices along with operating system updates.

The P2P payments come with the new iOS 11 update, and is seamlessly being integrated with iMessage. Android O will also get auto-fill for usernames and passwords.

Siri will also be able to translate English words and phrases into different languages.

Apple has allegedly added support for lossless FLAC audio files in iOS 11, according to reports from Reddit users who have installed copies of the developer beta, spotted by The Next Web.

Apps also has its own tab, with dedicated features and charts for each app. You'd have to open QuickTime Player and go through about 10 different steps before you could get even the most basic video of yourself using the device. You'll be able to see these mixed worlds on your device's display and interact with them by moving around.

But that is not the good news itself because that app is not reliable sometimes, especially if the size of the data you are trying to transfer is really large. It will be available in Person to Person and Apple Pay Cash options.

Of the new features, the Do Not Disturb while driving features has been designed "to help users stay more focused on the road".

Do Not Disturb can automatically silence notifications to keep the screen dark and stop drivers being distracted. Users can browse, search, and organize their files while they can also view their recent files.

But otherwise, even if an app is now shown as having problems with iOS 11, there's every chance it will still get that life-saving update. The new 10.5-inch model reduces the borders by almost 40 percent to fit into an incredibly compact package that still weighs just one pound.

The five-day event started with a keynote where Apple announced upcoming software updates for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. This improves the overall touch functionality of the device.

iOS 11 brings along with it a revamped iMessage application.

iOS 11 will be arriving this fall for all.

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