Chinese zookeepers feed live donkey to tigers in front of horrified onlookers

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 8, 2017

A zoo in China is facing controversy after a mob of angry investors fed a live donkey to tigers as zoo guests, including children, watched and cried out in horror, The Guardian reported.

This story may upset some readers.

At a zoo in eastern China, a donkey became an object of weird routine as he was thrown live in front of ferocious tigers.

To make up for this setback, one shareholder decided on Monday to hire a group of men to take away some of the zoo's animals to sell, piling a donkey and a goat into the back of a truck.

Onlookers reportedly heard the animal "scream" as it was attacked.

According to South China Morning Post, a shareholder, in dispute with the zoo, was responsible for the incident.

As per a report in BBC, the zoo authorities have claimed that the zoo has been embroiled in a legal case which has led to its assets being frozen because of which it has been unable to pay the shareholders.

Since investing in the zoo over two years ago, some shareholders have received zero financial returns on their investment.

Another said: "Going on this scene, I can't see how they are caring for the animals".

"Since the incident, our zoo has gone into emergency alert", the zoo's statement says.

The zoo said it is holding a meeting to "calm shareholders' nerves" and promised to improve safety standards to prevent such an incident from ever happening again.

Horrified social media users condemned the act and called for more care for animals in zoos.

The big cats were quick to pounce on the animal and mauled it to death in 30 minutes.

The donkey is then nearly immediately pounced on by one of the felines, and is later killed and eaten.

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