After Gang Rape, Woman Travelled In Metro With Dead Infant

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 8, 2017

She went out of her home and took the auto in which three men were already sitting. The FIR was filed the same day.

Those who took the metro's yellow and violet lines were shocked by what they saw on the morning of May 30. It maybe recalled that the woman's nine-month-old daughter was thrown out of the auto rickshaw, leading to its death last week.

According to details, the ghastly incident took place when two passengers and the driver of a rickshaw raped an Indian woman.

The woman returned to New Delhi in December to record her testimony in court and identify the suspects.

They accepted their guilt and said they hatched the plan after they saw the woman going by with her daughter in her arms at night. The victim and her husband were out of the house while their daughter was crying but the neighbours who could hear her crying did not inform the parents. She waited in the quiet hours of the dark, alone with her dead daughter.

They took her to IMT Manesar's Sector 8 and sexually assaulted her.

There a doctor told her that the infant was dead. At that point, she decided her next stop.

And, on May 25, it was a highway to hell for four women who were allegedly raped by a group of five criminals at gunpoint in a field off the Yamuna Expressway and one of the four men travelling with them was shot dead when he objected to the assault. When the second consultation also confirmed the death, she again used the metro to reach MG station, where she narrated her ordeal to her husband and the Gurugram police. The victim waited for many hours but when he did not turn up, she made a decision to go to her in-law's house with the child fearing backlash from neighbours. One of them came to me to confide about the incident. It was then they flung the toddler onto the hard concrete.

She was on her way to her parental house at Khandsa village when she was first given a lift in a truck.

The police commissioner and SIT have visited the spot where the crime was committed and have also collected CCTV footage from Kherki Daula toll plaza from where the woman had boarded the shared auto. Afraid that the truck driver would follow her, she approached them for help.

The Gurgaon police has released the sketches of the accused and appealed to the public for their identification.

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