Google to teach school kids about online safety, etiquette

Paterniano Del Favero
Giugno 7, 2017

For kidsTo help kids learn these lessons in a way that's fun and immersive, we created an interactive, online game called Interland. "It's something we all need to reinforce together". It's free and web-based so it's easily accessible by everyone, and most importantly, it's in a format kids already love.

There are four lands through which young gamers come up against phishers, hackers, bullies, and over-sharers - those who reveal too much information about themselves online.

Google expects kids will pick up skills along the way, such as learning how to avoid online phishing scams, by completing puzzles and challenges. Finally, there's also a Be Internet Awesome Pledge that you can print out and have the kiddos in your life sign. "Be Internet Awesome provides materials educators and parents can use to help students learn about online safety in a fun and engaging way". Google is keen for schools and educators to get involved, and has devised a curriculum that can be used by anyone to spread the Be Internet Awesome lessons.

With Interland, Google is striving to teach five core internet principles around being "internet smart", "internet alert", "internet strong", "internet kind", and "internet courageous".

In order to spark meaningful conversations about digital safety between parents and kids, Google has tapped top YouTube creators John Green, the What's Inside?

My team and I will continue Google's work to make the Internet a safer, more positive place for kids, and this is an exciting new chapter in our ongoing efforts.

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