PM Narendra Modi calls on people to make 3rd Yoga Day memorable

Bruno Cirelli
Giugno 2, 2017

21st June is World Yoga Day and as a run up to this day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, an ardent follower of Yoga took to twitter to urge everyone to do yoga.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the first Indian prime minister to visit Spain since 1992, met the European country's top leaders and they stressed that states and entities which encourage, support, finance terrorism, provide sanctuary to terrorists and glorify terrorism should be subjected to global laws including restrictive measures.

Modi, who arrived in Spain late on Tuesday from Germany, his first stop on a four-nation Europe tour, also met with King Felipe VI before departing for Russian Federation.

Modi and Putin will meet on the third leg of the Indian leader's four-nation tour of Europe with the pair looking to bolster declining trade between the once key partners. The cordial relations between the two countries has drifted from a psychological and ideological zone into a purely commercial and utilitarian one. India and Russian Federation are celebrating 70 years of diplomatic ties this year. He said Germany's extensive work in skill development, which has set the standards globally, can benefit the youth of India.

President Vladimir Putin said today that Russian Federation does not have any "tight" military relationship with Pakistan, and asserted that its close friendship with India can not be diluted. He further appreciated the help of Soviet Union to India to build its industrial base.

"We should fully exploit our mutual complementarities based on our large markets, resource endowments and industrial and technological base". The potential for India's accelerated growth has never been greater, nor the optimism higher.

Stating Spain had made rapid strides in its economy, Modi said his government's top priority too was India's economic growth and development. Russian Federation is also a participant in the Belt and Road initiative, conceived by China and has started fostering close relations with China and Pakistan. "So this is an important area of cooperation".

Both leaders said that there is a need to expand permanent as well as non-permanent memberships, in order to make the Council more efficient, effective and responsive to the prevailing challenges to world security and peace and representative of current geo-political realities.

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