West Virginia Senate passes amended tax bill

Bruno Cirelli
Mag 27, 2017

He declined to speculate on details of the compromise.

Still, Abbott told NBC 5 political reporter Julie Fine on Thursday it's too early to know whether he will call a special session.

The House transportation budget focuses more on ferries, coastal dredging and ports and airports, while the Senate budget emphasizes repairing and replacing aging bridges. "We are proud to expand the right to bear arms by lowering the cost of what you have to pay in order to get a license to carry", Abbott said.

In last-minute legislation, however, lawmakers introduced a bill sending an additional $18 million to schools to make up for the loss in funding formula cash.

"This bill is fatally flawed in substance and form", warned Senate Minority Leader John Sparks, D-Norman.

Armstead pointed out what everybody outside of the governor's office and the Senate realize by now: that members of the House of Delegates are adamantly opposed to a big increase in the sales tax from the current 6 percent, even while removing exemptions to some services currently not taxed.

He said both schools and women's privacy must be protected in whatever final bill emerges.

The nonpartisan office also says that compared with Obama's 2010 overhaul, average premiums for people buying individual policies would be lower.

The finding is a blow to arguments from House GOP leaders who managed to get their bill over the finish line by arguing that a last-minute addition of $8 billion would bolster protections for those with pre-existing conditions.

Asked for details, the governor said he wants "constraints on the rise in property taxes on our fellow Texans".

On the other hand, he said, prospects for passage of major tax legislation were "pretty good".

"The Governor and both House and Senate leadership have agreed we should have discussions with Republican and Democrat leaders in both houses to see if we can collectively reach a new path forward to solving our budget and revenue differences", said House Speaker Tim Armstead, R-Kanawha.

"The real rollback is one way to do it".

"I think that the conversation should always start with, 'how can we help as many kids as possible in meaningful ways", Bernal says.

For his part, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who attended the ceremony, said he has not changed his position that the two issues must be addressed this year by the Legislature. Cooper's plan also would expand opioid abuse treatment programs much further than Republicans now propose. The House passed a bill that put more dollars into nearly every district, made needed changes to our funding formulas, and kept more local dollars in local schools.

"Frankly some of the other threats in other states rang pretty hollow in a state like Texas", Republican Sen.

Governor Abbott said the law is equally important for the penalties it imposes on administrators who fail to act when they suspect an inappropriate relationship between a teacher and student.

Popular Video SNL is not a fan of the Trump administration, and it shows with every new skit they produce. "Texas is going to impose real and stiff consequences for any teacher who dares to have an inappropriate relationship with one of his or her students", said Abbott.

"They will face losing their job, losing their licence, losing their pension as well as the prospect of going to jail".

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