Pakistan court orders release of 350 Indian fishermen

Bruno Cirelli
Mag 26, 2017

Calling Uzma "India's daughter", Sushma Swaraj thanked the Pakistan government for helping her return to India. I am sorry for all that you have gone through. She said that there are many other women like her who are still trapped in the town of Buner in Pakistan.

Delhi resident Uzma had visited Pakistan on May 1 to meet a man, Tahir, who she thought was a friend - they had met earlier in Malaysia.

A Pakistani man forced an Indian woman to marry him at gunpoint, an Islamabad court heard on May 24. In the days after their marriage, he had harassed and intimidated her and taken away her travel papers to force her to stay, she told the court.

An Indian woman who claimed that she was compelled to marry a Pakistani man at gunpoint, returned to India from Pakistan's Islamabad Thursday, China's Xinhua news agency reported.

Uzma broke down as she narrated her plight to the media.

In Pakistan, Uzma alleged she was fed sleeping pills and was then sexually assaulted while she was unconscious. "They made me realise that my life is valuable", she said. She was likely to be brought to Delhi. She responded with a plea for the annulment of her "marriage" and her return to India. She took shelter in the Indian High Commission in Islamabad on May 5, 2017.

Swaraj thanked Pakistan foreign ministry, home ministry and its judiciary for facilitating Uzma's homecoming that injected a degree of positivity in the otherwise fraught Indo-Pak ties.

"I am proud to be an Indian citizen". Meanwhile, Tahir Ali has refused the allegations claiming that the duo met and fell in love in Malaysia before they chose to get married. "It was a kidnapping", Uzma, who is in her twenties, told a news conference. Justice Kayani granted permission to Uzma while considering the medical report of her daughter.

"They could have sold me or used me in a risky operation", she said about a family in Buner, Pakistan.

I went to Pakistan as a tourist.

The court also ordered that police provide her security till the Wagah border crossing. While Uzma had requested to be repatriated to India, Ali had asked to be allowed to meet his wife.

"It's a big thing that an Indian woman in a time of distress is able to look up to the Indian High Commission with hope".

The Minister also lauded the efforts by India's Deputy High Commissioner JP Singh to help Uzma.

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