Brexit talks to begin next month, European Union expects

Barsaba Taglieri
Mag 24, 2017

The EU's 27 again insisted they were ready to negotiate as of today, but Britain will not be ready to enter the talks until after the June 8 snap election.

The European Commission, which is negotiating the terms of Brexit with London on behalf of the 27 members of the EU, is to convene on Monday to confirm the mandate of Brussels' chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, who will then have his first meeting with Davis.

Mr Barnier said he hoped to get around the negotiating table with the United Kingdom team "as soon as possible" and looked forward to talks taking place in a "positive atmosphere".

"We are ready and well prepared".

Meeting in Brussels on Monday, the EU's 27 Europe ministers agreed unanimously on the bloc's "negotiating directives", a more detailed version last month of the strategy laid down by heads of state and government.

For issues that are not covered in this first phase, new directives will be adopted later, sources said.

The UK will leave the European Union by 30 March 2019, midnight at the latest, and the road leading up to that day will be hard. The key issues will be citizens' rights, the UK's divorce bill and on the border of Ireland.

Bradshaw said that there had been "huge breakthroughs in medicine, engineering, and any number of fields" as a result of joint working, which he promised would continue after Brexit, 'BBC News' reported.

The bloc also wants the generous range of benefits to be enforced by the European Court of Justice, despite the Prime Minister's promise to end its jurisdiction in Britain.

Brexit Minister David Davis confirmed the willingness of the Conservatives to walk away from a bad deal with Brussels, The Sunday Times reports. But he dismissed the notion that either side could walk away without a deal - something that British ministers have threatened to do if they don't get what they want from the talks.

He added: 'I heard David Davis, who I know well, refer to the possibility of a no deal. "[No deal] is not an option", said Barnier, "my option is to succeed".

The former French foreign minister urged the British to keep a sense of perspective and look ahead to the future trade deal.

'I don't imagine that we will break off.

The Commission's negotiating directives state that the main objective of the withdrawal agreement will be to ensure the UK's orderly exit from the EU and the European Atomic Energy Community.

Referring to the size of the payment, he said: 'It is the UK's choice, the UK's responsibility.

"In line with our transparency policy, we will publish our position papers and negotiating documents".

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