San Antonio firefighter killed while battling massive fire in Texas

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Mag 21, 2017

Hood said crews affected by the fire were placed with crisis intervention personnel for support.

The firefighter that was killed in the blaze has been identified as Scott Deem, a six year veteran of the department. "Continue to keep us in your prayers". The second firefighter, who was part of the rescue team, was taken to University Hospital in Priority 2 condition.

Two firefighters went missing during the evacuation, Hood said.

Hood said two other firefighters were transported to area hospitals. One was critically injured and the other was reportedly in serious condition.

Fire Chief Charles Hood said firefighters entered the mall Thursday night to ensure no people were inside the various businesses and also to attack flames from the interior.

Once the fire was out and crews were able to remove Deem's body, first responders lined the parking lot as his body was taken away. Firefighters later stood by saluting an ambulance.

"Those who put their lives on the line to serve others deserve our deepest respect, and we can never say thank you enough".

Robert Guerra, general manager at Computer Repair Shop, watched the chaotic battle between firefighters and the blaze in front of his storefront.

SAFD says that they are working in conjunction with the ATF and state fire marshal in their investigation but that they have no information to share at this time.

He said when he walked outside the heavy smoke was pitch black.

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