Kushner family apologizes for mentioning White House adviser Jared Kushner

Bruno Cirelli
Mag 21, 2017

Nicole Kushner Meyer, the sister of the key White House adviser, raised her brother's connections to the Trump administration while seeking to raise money from Chinese investors through a government visa program for foreigners who invest in USA projects.

The EB-5 visa program encourages wealthy foreign nationals to make substantial investments in USA -based business ventures in exchange for a Green Card and a investor visa.

Last year, Bloomberg reported that Jared Kushner, as chief executive of his family's real estate company at the time, managed to raise $50 million for a fifty-story Trump-branded luxury rental complex in Jersey City through the EB-5 program. That was not Ms. Meyer's intention.

Meyer's sales presentation about the EB-5 investor visa program brought pointed criticism from Democrats who said she sought to benefit from her ties to her brother, who, as the husband of Ivanka Trump, has become one of Trump's closest advisers.

At the event in Beijing, representatives of a Kushner family business told Chinese investors that the old immigration rules may change under Trump, who has taken a tougher stance on immigration.

Feinstein said that because Trump and Kushner will not completely divest from their business interests, "the only way to eliminate this conflict is for Congress to allow the program to expire in September".

Jared Kushner has stepped away from the business since taking a key role in Trump's White House.

The Kushner family are in China raising funds for their Kushner 1 (One Journal Square) project in New Jersey with the help of Qiaowai, a Chinese company which connects U.S. developers with Chinese investors.

Kushner's mother and siblings are beneficiaries of that family trust, a White House official confirmed.

On Monday, Kushner Companies issued an apology, and a clarification for what Meyer.

"As previously stated, he will recuse from particular matters concerning the EB-5 visa programme".

Meyer was in China looking for investors for a Kushner real estate project in Jersey City. (Answer: They can't.) The only way to stop the conflict might be to stop the EB-5 program altogether, as Sen. The program, which is popular among wealthy Chinese people, has been nicknamed the "golden visa".

The Washington Post, however, while reported that the event in Beijing was held with a message that the Kushner family came to the USA as refugees, worked hard and made it big and if you invest in Kushner properties, so can you. The Washington Post reports the media was asked to leave to maintain the "stability" of the event.

The EB-5 program was created in 1990 to help stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment from foreign nationals, but detractors say it puts citizenship up for sale.

Attendees were reassured by an American lawyer that despite his tough talk on immigration, Trump himself was a key decision-maker for EB-5 policy and was unlikely to make any changes to it in the near future - making it a safe path to USA residency.

Michael Short, a White House spokesman, said in an email in mid-April that the EB-5 program needs "substantial fix".

But Washington University law professor Kathleen Clark says the questions about Kushner's investors are not limited to just that one building.

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