Destiny 2's PC version will launch after consoles

Geronimo Vena
Mag 21, 2017

He may not commit to a date as of this time, Smith stressed that his team is unswerving to make Destiny 2'c PC build great.

For those who are looking for more teasers, here's another for the upcoming "Destiny 2" video game - default PC controls.

So there you have it, folks, Bungie is making sure that PC version of Destiny 2 lives up to the expectations of the PC gaming community.

Questioned on the issue by some users on Twitter, the developers of Rain Games have clarified that a port of the World to the West on Nintendo Switch may come in the future.

While Destiny 2 won't arrive on the Switch - possibly ever - Bungie has still made a decision to port the game over to PC, adding one more platform into the mix. That means multiplayer matches will be hosted on player machines, just as they are done today. Bungie is leading the game; it is absolute a Bungie project.

After two years of being stuck in the pipeline, Bungie has officially introduced the much-anticipated Destiny 2 on PC to the public in Los Angeles, California on Thursday. "But we don't want players to fall behind". The news is surprising since the platform has until now been catering to only games from Blizzard.

One of the biggest problems with the initial Destiny was how many of its most challenging and rewarding activities were restricted to premade teams, meaning you couldn't go in solo and find other strangers to play with. The game is also expected to be released on PC via Will the PC beta roll out at the same time as the console beta, for example, or will we be waiting longer for that too?

Guided Games will hopefully be that system, letting players enjoy features like the six-person raids and three-person "nightfall" strikes by self-selecting a group to be paired with. Because Destiny 2 is once again an online-only experience, and because the Switch also doubles as a portable device, a port won't make sense.

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"By introducing new players to the world, and really introducing all the new mechanics to the game, that's good even for returning players, who are like, 'I know all this stuff, you don't have to explain anything to me, '" he continued.

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