Air alarm - Forced landing of Qantas aircraft

Bruno Cirelli
Mag 21, 2017

It touched down in LA about 3am local time.

A Qantas flight with 480 passengers and crew aboard was forced to turn back to Los Angeles on Friday night after experiencing engine failure two hours into its journey.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has been notified about the incident.

Passenger Darren Sudgen told the publication he heard a loud noise on the flight.

The replacement flight - another A380 - left Los Angeles at 5.30am Perth time Sunday.

Woodward told CBS2 that unconfirmed reports that the engine had caught fire were "not correct".

"The pilots followed standard procedure, shut down the engine, and the flight landed normally in LA at around 3:00am local time on Saturday", Mr Woodward said.

Rob D posted an image of the plane on Twitter and wrote: "Flight94 to Melb returned to LAX with sparks coming from an engine & now being inspected".

Others took to social media posting photos of the engines of the plane, while one angry passenger tweeted his anger over the situation, writing that he was forced to sleep at LAX airport. "We saw flames and sparks flying past the window", Sudgen said.

The story Melbourne-bound Qantas flight from Los Angeles aborted first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.

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