Ridiculously Large Cat May Be World's Longest

Geronimo Vena
Mag 19, 2017

After one of Omar's photos was shared almost 300,000 from the Cats of Instagram page, Guinness World Records contacted Ms Hirst.

Omar still lags behind longest cat in recorded history, a Maine Coon named Stewie, who was a total of 48.5 inches, but needless to say, Omar is a lot of cat!

Three-year-old Omar already weighs 14 kilograms and measures about 3 feet and 11 inches long.

Regardless of their exact origin, breeders have selected for them to be large, and this process continues, explaining why they are getting larger, and why they are the longest domestic cats. There has even been an approach by the Guinness Book of World Records.

"He got to that before he was 1-year-old and that's when we sort of realized that he's not almost done yet".

Miss Hirst said Omar is mischievous and is capable of opening doors, kitchen cupboards, shower screens and wardrobes.

The current record holder is a 118cm Maine Coon from Wakefield in West Yorkshire.

However, Ms Hirst believes that her feline would prefer to return to its relaxed life before it found fame.

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Stephanie Hirst, his owner, said: "We were expecting about a 9kg cat and he got to that before he was one year old". According to his owners, most of all he likes nothing more than to chill on a trampoline and eat raw kangaroo meat. But he has to be locked out of the bedroom because he takes up too much room and wants to be cuddled all night. "I think he'll be glad to go back to being a normal house cat".

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