Oklahoma governor asks for calm after jury finds officer not guilty

Bruno Cirelli
Mag 19, 2017

Jurors were visibly emotional and some cried when the verdict was read by the judge some nine hours after they began deliberating.

"Prosecutors said Shelby acted out of fear when she shot Terence Crutcher on September 16", Matt Trotter of member station KWGS reports From Tulsa.

About 100 demonstrators gathered in a plaza outside the courthouse on Wednesday evening in peaceful protest at the verdict.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin appealed for calm in a statement late yesterday.

Dozens of protesters later moved to Tulsa's Mayo Hotel, where they believe she's a guest. She said Shelby was the aggressor, not her brother.

Shelby fatally shot Terence Crutcher, a black man, after she came across his auto parked along the side of the highway, saying she feared for her safety. The Tulsa Police Department and the Tulsa County Sheriff's Department are monitoring the area. Police asked protesters not to block streets when some stepped into an intersection.

High-profile incidents involving African-Americans dying at the hands of police have led to demonstrations across the country in recent years.

The verbal exchange between officers as well as the video of the shooting itself incited outrage.

Crutcher's father, Joseph, accepted the vote but said he knew the officer was guilty.

At that point, Shelby fired her weapon and Turnbough fired his Taser, she testified.

On the other hand, the defense said Officer Shelby shot Crutcher because she thought he was reaching into his SUV for a gun. "Terence did not attack her, Terence did not charge her. Terence was not the aggressor, Betty Shelby was the aggressor", Tiffany Crutcher, Terence's sister, said. Much of the trial happened during my finals week, so I made the trip to Tulsa so I could see Betty Shelby in person.

Shelby's attorneys have said Crutcher refused Shelby's commands to lie down during a two-minute period before police cameras recorded the shooting. They noted Crutcher had his hands in their air and wasn't combative - part of which was confirmed by police video taken from a dashboard camera and helicopter that showed Crutcher walking away from Shelby, hands held above his head.

But in his closing remarks, Assistant District Attorney Kevin Gray challenged the defense argument that Shelby shot Crutcher as he appeared to be reaching into the vehicle.

In unsurprising news, killer cop Betty Shelby will not go to jail for killing unarmed motorist Terrence Crutcher.Oklahoma's News On 6 reports that a jury found Shelby not guilty of first-degree manslaughter. He called the jurors in and explained that members could not discuss in the courtroom the way the verdict was reached but could do so publicly after the trial concluded.

Mr Crutcher's killing was among a spate of shootings at the hands of police in recent years in the U.S., fuelling the Black Lives Matter movement and prompting calls for more police accountability.

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