Grown-ups brawl at high school graduation in Tennessee

Barsaba Taglieri
Mag 19, 2017

A high school graduation in Arlington, Tenn., is the latest proof.

Witnesses said violence broke out following a dispute about a chair which two families had both laid claim to.

A woman was handcuffed and another woman was escorted out of a Tennessee high school's graduation after a fight broke out Tuesday night.

It was unclear what prompted the fight but some said the brawl was caused by a row between the two women over a reserved seat. "The old man attacked my 13-year-old niece".

One of them told our crews to "F*** off" while flipping us off, then got into a auto.

There wasn't yet any word on potential charges in the incident, according to WREG, KENS 5's CBS affiliate in Memphis. You don't even care that I graduated.

Amanda Murphy was allegedly at the center of the center of the commotion and can be seen in the video throwing punches at other parents and grabbing another woman's hair, WREG reports.

That woman shoves the man back, another person throws water, and then things escalate. One women, believed to a still highly agitated Amanda Murphy, is shown handcuffed and moving about on the lobby floor.

The man filming says: 'It's a graduation.

"At least have respect for the church itself and the graduating students - your kids at that".

All of the adults involved in the brawl were removed by Bellevue's security team, Arlington Chief of Staff Jeffrey G. Mayor said in a prepared statement.

Some families got into a rumble over seats right in the middle of a high school graduation in Tennessee. The 2017 senior class earned more than $30,600,000 in college scholarship money, Mason also proudly noted. "It is our hope that the focus will shift to our students and their accomplishments instead of the poor decision by adults in attendance".

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