Apple iPhone 7 top-selling smartphone in Q1 with 6% share

Geronimo Vena
Mag 19, 2017

By omitting certain facts that make that story a lot less compelling that it might be seen as, despite the fact the story being told is indeed true.

Huawei is now China's market leader in terms of smartphone shipments, having sent out 20.8 million units in Q1 2017, giving it a market share of 19.7%. ScientiaMobile offers its WURFL device detection for mobile optimization, image optimization, and device analytics solutions for 99% accurate device detection for companies like Facebook and Google. It turned out to be surprising news to many when Oppo surpassed Samsung and managed to secure this third position. We don't care much about Apple's numbers and so as part of the Android community, we're more interested in what Android phone made it on top for Q1 2017.

That's equal to a 2.5 per cent share of the 353.3 million smartphones shipped globally in the quarter, according to Strategy Analytics. The researchers said the iPhone's user-friendly design, extensive supporting apps, and easy accessibility is what led the handsets to top the list.

In second place was the larger and more expensive iPhone 7 Plus, with an estimated 17.4 million units sipped and 5% of the market. OPPO is largely unknown in the Western world, but its brand is wildly popular in China and growing rapidly across India. "The R9s is OPPO's flagship 4G device with key features such as dual-SIM connectivity and fingerprint security." - said Neil.

Also taking top spots on the list was the Oppo R9s, a device from China's top-selling phone maker, and two "midrange" Samsung Galaxy devices popular in Europe and Aisa that Strategy Analytics' Director Linda Sui credited for helping to offset the lingering effects of the company's Note 7 debacle.

As for Samsung, it took up fourth and fifth place with the cheaper Galaxy J3 and J5 smartphones.

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