Dog sentenced to death in Pakistan's Punjab province

Barsaba Taglieri
Mag 18, 2017

As freakish as it could get, a dog in Pakistan's Punjab province was sentenced to death. The crime committed by the dog is that it bit a child.

According to Geo TV, the canine was given death penalty in Bhakkar's Klor vicinity in Punjab province by Assistant Commissioner Raja Saleem.

Saleem said that the sentence was announced on humanitarian grounds.

While putting forth a unique and a freaky argument, Assistant Commissioner Saleem said, "The dog injured the child, hence, it should be killed". "Any further punishment for it would be unfair", the channel quoted the dog's owner Jamil as saying.

The owner of the dog, Jaleel Ahmad was completely taken aback but he did not lose hope and filed an appeal against the death sentence.

The owner of the dog has filed an appeal with the Additional Deputy Commissioner against the uncanny punishment.

Jamil added that he would knock on the doors of all courts to get justice for his pet.

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