Arkansas parents arrested after baby girl found suffering from 100 rodent bites

Barsaba Taglieri
Mag 18, 2017

The baby received facial reconstruction surgery to fix the wound on her head.

A Columbia County deputy prosecuting attorney said that new charges of permitting abuse of a minor with serious physical injury will be filed against the pair.

Phillips was unavailable for comment by telephone, his office said.

After being questioned by authorities in regards to their newborn suffering 75-100 rat bites, a Magnolia couple was arrested for endangering the welfare of a minor in the first degree.

Shryock and Elliott are being held without bond.

According to a graphic arrest affidavit, the case began unfolding at around 11.30am Sunday when police were summoned to Magnolia Regional Medical Center about a baby that had been bitten by rats. So they called police.

A nurse said the 15-day-old child weighed five pounds and had been bitten at least 100 times, KARK reported.

Police said the baby had a one-inch wound on her forehead.

Police spoke with Elliott's mother, who said her son was afraid the baby would be taken away after a mouse bit her, but the mom told her son he had to take the girl to the hospital.

Elliott said that when he woke up in the morning to the baby;s cries, he saw blood everywhere and bloody rat footprints on the crib. "Erica stated that she knew there were rats in the house, but admitted that neither she or Charles did anything to address the rodent issue".

They admitted to police they knew they had a rodent problem and did nothing about it. There, police saw bloody rodent footprints in the bassinet, the report says. She says she did not see how the couple did not wake up, since the baby was sleeping right beside them. "Next to the bed, where the bassinet would have been, there was a wooden cabinet", the report says.

The couple's roommate told police she woke at 5:30 the baby screaming and noticed the hole in the baby's head, and that the blood was dry.

Police spoke with Elliott's mother, the child's grandmother, who said he told her a mouse bit the baby and that he was anxious about losing custody. But he and Shyrock waited to take the baby to he hospital until his mother arrived around 9 a.m.

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