Air strikes target Islamic State in eastern Syria, kill 23: Monitor

Bruno Cirelli
Mag 16, 2017

US -backed Kurdish-led Syrian forces are advancing toward Raqqa after capturing several nearby towns and villages recently. The warplanes struck near a residential area and a mosque, wounding dozens more.

Islamic State holds most of Deir al-Zor province, apart from an enclave in the city and a nearby air base that Syrian government forces control. The Syrian government along with its Russian ally have made regular aid drops into the besieged area where about 200,000 people live without access to food or medicine.

BEIRUT (AP) - Syrian activists say an airstrike on a village held by the Islamic State group in northern Syria has killed several civilians.

The Observatory said that strike hit vehicles carrying farmworkers home from fields in the afternoon.

It said the strike on the ISIS-held village of Akayrshi might have been carried out by the US-led coalition.

The deaths came after 12 women were killed in a strike by the US-led coalition fighting IS in the east of Syria's Raqa province on Sunday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Right said.

The village is about 16 kilometers, or 10 miles, from Raqqa, IS's de facto capital.

Opening the Damascus-Baghdad road would give Syria a land route to its ally Iraq for the first time in years, as well as halting FSA efforts to strike east from the Jordanian border, where the insurgents receive training and aid from USA and British troops.

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