Phoenix Police Announce A Break In The 'Serial Street Shooter' Case

Bruno Cirelli
Mag 11, 2017

The shooter stalked victims after dark, police have said, picking victims who were either outside of their homes or sitting in cars.

"This case plagued our community for more than a year", Williams said, "and left behind a trail of victims that included mothers, sons, brothers, sisters and families still mourning the loss of their loved ones".

Castro Garcia, 19, was killed on June 10, 2016.

A few feet from a large portrait of 32-year-old Horacio de Jesus Pena, turned backward because it's still too hard for her to look at, Beltran recounted the day her son was gunned down outside of their home after leaving work.

She said he preferred playing basketball with friends to partying.

Smith was pregnant with the couple's child when Verdugo-Sanchez was fatally shot.

"It's been said that a serial killer is like a chameleon, and that's what made this case so frustrating", U.S. Marshal David Gonzales said in a press conference.

A man has been arrested in connection with a series of shooting attacks in the USA that left nine people dead.

In the case of the shooting spree, authorities said previously that the killer didn't always use the same auto; witnesses have described a white Cadillac or Lincoln and a "a late '90s or early 2000s 5 series BMW", said NBC. And investigators recently added to the series an incident in August 2015 when shots were fired into a house but no one was hurt, bringing the total shootings to 12, The USA today reported.

Williams said the first victim in the shootings was Raul Romero, 61, who was killed in August 2015. Saucedo knew only the first victim, and the other killings were random, authorities said. Authorities investigated Saucedo more closely and connected him to the serial killings.

Police fielded thousands of tips, went door-to-door in a largely Hispanic neighborhood of Phoenix where the shootings happened and analyzed ballistics from a different, unrelated serial shooting case.

Police last month had arrested a former city bus driver in the killings, 23-year-old Aaron Juan Saucedo, who faces 26 felony counts of homicide, aggravated assault and drive-by-shooting for 12 shootings.

The majority of Saucedo's alleged attacks took place previous year when seven were shot dead and two others were wounded over a four-month period - March to July - in a predominately Latino neighborhood in the Phoenix area.

Police arrested Saucedo last in connection with a separate 2015 killing.

Police on Monday linked Romero's death what were dubbed the "Serial Street Shootings" at the time, as well as the shooting death of Jesse Olivas, 22, killed in a drive-by shooting January 1, 2016.

Police said Saucedo stopped driving the BMW and changed his appearance after the final shooting.

- Jessie Olivas, 22, was shot and killed on Jan 1, 2016 while standing in front of his home in a drive-by shooting.

The shootings always took place at night, with people shot outside of their homes in random acts of violence, leaving residents terrified.

"When they showed me the picture, I did get a little chills", he said.

However, in the same story, CNN said that witnesses had described the man "as a light-skinned Latino or white man in his 20s". According to the complaint in the Romero case, Saucedo said he did not commit that crime.

Police were able to focus on Saucedo after they learned that he owned a 9mm handgun that he pawned off days after the murder.

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