No more 'big-three' as India loses vote in ICC meeting

Rufina Vignone
Mag 2, 2017

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is still not pleased with the proposed "Big Three" model being replaced with a new revenue model as they rejected a recent compensatory offer. Incidentally, the Committee of Administrators overseeing the BCCI on the Supreme Court of India's instructions was happy with Manohar's settlement offer when they met in March.

It is expected that numerous 30 voting members of BCCI, at its upcoming Special General Meeting, will be overwhelmingly voting in favour of a pull-out from Champions Trophy. We should not be in haste to boycott the Champions Trophy. The fans will be hoping that BCCI will select the best possible squad that will help India lift the trophy once again. Only the Sri Lankan cricket board backed the BCCI. We may or may not may pick a squad for the Champions Trophy.

Alarmed members of ICC who needed Manohar there to "guide ICC" when it cut BCCI to size, coaxed him to take back his resignation till the next election.

"I would not like to comment on a hypothetical situation as none of the BCCI officials have spoken to me", Rai said.

ICC independent chairman Shashank Manohar had initially offered a compromise formula of an additional 100 million dollars, which would push the BCCI's share to nearly 400 million dollars.

It is not just a question of the BCCI's share of ICC revenues being halved from 570 million dollars to 290 million for the eight-year cycle till 2023. "The BCCI had put forward a proposal for everybody, wherein we were striving for everybody's 2016 numbers to be protected and the BCCI's 2014 numbers to be protected". There is no sanction or penalty if a member board fails to meet the deadline. We said that in a time-bound manner the (ICC) working group can sit down, with India being a part of it.

A peeved senior BCCI official said that while it was expected that there will be resistance with current dispensation's bete noire and ICC chairman Shashank Manohar at the helm, they were taken by surprise when Zimbabwe and Bangladesh - two votes the BCCI thought were assured - never came its way. The switched allegiance today came as a surprise. Grapevine has it that Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) is likely to get $19 million from the ICC to pay off its loans.

Battles over the ICC events financial model have been drawn out over a period of years, starting with the ascension of Shashank Manohar as the governing body's chairman following the exit of his predecessor and rival N Srinivasan, widely considered the Big Three's chief architect. "Also no change in governance structure", he reiterated.

However, the delay is being seen as a message from the BCCI to the ICC that it can still withdraw from the Champions Trophy should its demand to retain its share of revenue not be met.

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