Tesla confirms building 14 supercharger stations in Korea this year

Geronimo Vena
Aprile 22, 2017

According to Vox, the electric parking brakes on these Model S and Model X vehicles - more than half of the Teslas sold in 2016 - may fail to release. During the interview, McNeill also emphasized that Tesla is not just a conventional vehicle manufacturer, but a company about "mobility and energy", citing the company's another big bet on sustainable energy business.

If the small gear were to break, the vehicle's parking brake would be stuck and the auto would be prevented from moving, Tesla said.

Tesla said less than 5% of the vehicles being recalled may be affected and it would take less than 45 minutes to replace the brakes.

In 2009, it announced it would be recalling 345 Tesla Roadsters manufactured before April 22 of that year after one owner reported an issue in the vehicle's rear inner hub flange bolts.

The process for fix is said to take less than 45 minutes and Tesla says that it is able to begin replacing parts immediately and that sufficient parts for all affected vehicles should be obtained by October 2017.

Tesla lacks a traditional network of franchised dealerships that handle both sales and service, including recall repairs.

Previous Tesla recalls include the replacement of about 7,000 electric-car charging adapters after two reports of overheating resulting in melted plastic on the adapters.

Of the 84,000 vehicles Tesla manufactured in 2016, the recalls accounts for roughly 63 per cent.

"Service capacity will not be an issue", a Tesla spokeswoman reportedly said in an email.

To see full details on the current recall, Tesla owners can visit the company's Recall Information page. Tesla, in the past, has also recalled 2,700 Model X units due to the problems in third-row seats.

Tesla's stock lost about 1% in Thursday's trading session, closing at $302.51 in a 52-week range of $178.19 to $313.73.

The recall equates to roughly two-thirds of the 84,000 vehicles Tesla manufactured a year ago.

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