Putin, Tillerson discuss bad state of US-Russian ties, Kremlin says

Bruno Cirelli
Aprile 21, 2017

Foreign policy experts say the USA bombing of Syria was done in part to deflect attention from the president's growing list of problems at home, from the investigation of his campaign's alleged ties with Russian Federation to his failed healthcare legislation and blocked travel ban.

"This draft resolution was not adopted by the UN Security Council, as we prevented it", Lavrov said. "We insist on a most thorough, independent investigation into that incident". "I believe it was a right and responsible step on the part of the Syrian government to invite the OPCW experts to conduct an investigation". As we consider our responsibilities and options, I believe it is important to distinguish between the broader civil war and the Syrian regime's recent and prospective use of chemical weapons. As a presidential candidate previous year, Trump criticized Obama and Hillary Clinton, the former U.S. secretary of state during Obama's first term and Trump's opponent in the election, for getting involved in foreign conflicts and waging wars in other countries.

The chemical attack killed about 80 people and injured many more, yet Russian Federation does not seem to want to budge from its position of support for Syrian President Bashar Assad. US officials said that the missile strike was made against the facility from which the chemical attacks were carried out, as quoted by an earlier article by CNN. "And one of them was to stall the peace process (in Syria)".

"It would be a fantastic thing" if the two nations got along better, Trump said, but cautioned that "it may be just the opposite".

In some ways, Russia's veto isn't surprising.

The chemical attack has widened the wedge between the US and Russian Federation, both of which had expressed hope for a reset in relations following the election of US President Donald Trump. "This is why I would like to thank Russian Federation for preventing attempts to use the UN Security Council to carry out an aggression against Syria. Russian Federation has done it for the eighth time", the Syrian top diplomat added. "However, the question is if there will be new attempts to carry out aggression against Syria".

We noticed that when the Trump administration came to power, the United States role in the Astana and the Geneva process has been reduced to the very minimum.

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