Lauren Hutton shines in Calvin Klein underwear ad at 73

Ausiliatrice Cristiano
Aprile 21, 2017

Age was no limitation, and 73-year-old Hutton enticed just like her 17-year-old counterpart.

The Calvin Klein ad comes at a time of career revitalization, as far as Hutton's modeling is concerned - she appeared on the catwalk during Milan's Fashion Week in 2016 and was featured in campaigns for clothing company J. Crew. To give some perspective, when Christy Turlington did the same thing for the brand four years ago, in her 40s, it made headlines. Hutton was handpicked by director Sofia Coppola for the video.

The Coppola-directed campaign video, released today, features six additional women who were also hand-picked by Coppola: Kirsten Dunst, Rashida Jones, Laura Harrier, Maya Thurman-Hawke (yes, daughter of Uma and Ethan), Nathalie Love, and Anna Sui's niece, Chase Sui Wonders.

There hasn't been a tiresome moment since Raf Simon's arrival at american fashion house, Calvin Klein.

Watch her full ad below.

Hutton appears briefly lounging on a bed in an unbuttoned blouse with a white bra underneath.

"I mean, that was the corniest pickup line I'd ever heard in my life, and it was fabulous", she said with a smile.

Hutton, who's known for her role in American Gigolo and gracing the cover of Vogue several times, wears a polka-dot blouse, white bra and loose-fitting pants for the campaign. Kirsten Dunst describes how she was "so shocked" after her first kiss. Coppola, who is also shooting the campaign on black-and-white film, said she was inspired by classic 90s campaigns and commercials, particularly Calvin Klein's long-time minimalist aesthetic.

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