In business dealings, Donald Trump has ignored 'Buy American' ethos

Paterniano Del Favero
Aprile 21, 2017

Trump is traveling to the Kenosha, Wisc., headquarters of tool-maker Snap-on Inc.

As for the H-1B visa program, Trump said visas are awarded in a random lottery.

Terming the proposed changes as forward-looking and non-specific, Nasscom said any move to replace the existing lottery system to select the H-1B applicants based on most skilled or highest paid would have intended consequences. "No one can compete with American workers when they're given a fair and level playing field, which has not happened for decades", according to him.

"As the process goes forward we believe that a more thoughtful and a more logical approach is desirable, keeping in view the impact on American businesses", Chandrashekhar said. "Does that make sense?" he said.

The latest executive order comes at a time when the businessman-turned-politician is nearing his 100th day in office, looking to regain momentum on the domestic front after his flagship travel ban was blocked in court and his vaunted health reform foundered in Congress.

"And his two high-profile executive orders cracking down on immigration from predominantly Muslim nations have been stymied by the courts", the paper pointed out.

"I know he won't because he made a promise he's going to fix this for the hard working men and women, and we can't bankrupt the middle class of this country to give them insurance in name only", Trump Jr. said.

It also says President Trump's agency heads will watch how those "buy American laws" already in place are enforced and come up with ideas to improve them.

President Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order that will make it harder for American tech companies to hire employees from foreign countries willing to work for less money than Americans.

Senior administration officials said lax enforcement and many legal loopholes mean American workers and companies lose jobs and business to foreign competition, which hurts the US economy. Department of Homeland Security officials said they will require that programmers applying for these visas provide evidence the work they're doing is highly specialized and complex.

In light of the executive order, employers are maintaining that they want to hire American talent, but they're not finding people with the skillsets they need.

Government data released this week, meanwhile, shows that the number of applicants for H-1B visas has fallen.

Trump signed the order related to government agencies even though he built a global business empire before running for the White House in which he regularly outsourced the manufacture of dozens of consumer products to overseas locations. A Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu report in the Livemint says the number of Indian in U.S. looking for jobs in India went up by 10-fold between December and March.

"This does nothing", said Senator Charles Schumer of NY, the Democratic leader.

Now he says an executive order is putting American workers first. It's not going to fix the problem.

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