Google Home's assistant can now recognize different voices

Bruno Cirelli
Aprile 21, 2017

"We're continuing to fine-tune our voice recognition systems and will get better over time", a Google spokesperson said. Until now, you could only connect a single account to a Google Home and that meant you could only get info about one person's calendar, for example.

Although I'm the only one in my household who actually uses the Google Home, I believe this is a massive step forward for the home assistant device to receive its due attention. The big drawback to the six-month old Google Home is that it lacks some of those available in Amazon Echo, which premiered a year earlier. This feature will start rolling out today for Google Home users in the USA, and will expand to the the coming months, the company said. You can also click the icon in the upper right corner, find your Google Home, and select "Link your account".

Google Home is an Internet-connected speaker that lets users search for information like the weather, traffic, and their daily schedule by using their voices. The individual voice profiles are the key here, with Google Home responding to queries and switching between accounts with no least that's how it goes in the demo video Google has shown off. Now that multiple accounts can be used at once, the Google Home is a much more of a family-friendly device.

"Starting today, I can-and so can you. We don't recommend that users rely upon voice identification as a security feature". The smart speaker's neural networks will learn what you sound like - and next time you ask for your commute time or Spotify playlist, it will give you what you want - and your spouse or roommate can do the same.

Google Home owners will have to teach the hub how to identify their voices by saying "Ok Google" and "Hey Google" twice into the device, when prompted. This was made known today by Yury Pinsky, Product Manager Google Assistant in a blog post. The two phrases will then be analyzed by a neural network that has the ability to detect certain characteristics of a person's voice.

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