China EV start-up Nio to sell mass-production car next year

Paterniano Del Favero
Aprile 21, 2017

The US$2.8 billion Chinese EV start-up NIO unveiled its China production vehicle ES8 in Shanghai today. During the 2017 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, NIO is showcasing 11 cars to include: two NIO Formula E race cars; seven NIO EP9s, one of which has the record for fastest electric vehicle in the world; our vision auto EVE and one NIO ES8.

Nio announced pre-sales of the EP9 in Shanghai, with a second batch of 10 to follow the initial six - should you have $1.48million to spend.

The ES8 is a radical departure from its hypercar sibling, offering buyers a seven-seat layout and active air suspension. The length of the vehicle is over 196 inches long and the wheelbase is over 118 inches long.

NIO claims the manufacturing and supply chain that will produce the ES8 already is in place.

In a bid to minimise weight for better handling and battery life, the magazine says the NIO ES8 uses aluminium "for both the body and chassis".

William Li, NIO's chairman and founder said that the NIO ES8 is another statement of the company's vision and technical and manufacturing capabilities.

The official launch of the ES8 is expected to take place later this year, with deliveries slated to begin sometime in 2018. "The vehicle has been tested in Yakeshi in Inner Mongolia, where temperatures can reach -22° Fahrenheit as well as Melbourne and Madura, Australia where temperatures can reach over 104° Fahrenheit".

Although NIO is yet to confirm the car's final performance specifications ― they'll be announced as the auto comes to market ― it will be underpinned by the same technology found in the NIO EP9 supercar. So far, NIO cars will only be sold in China. It has already built an all-electric supercar, the EP9, and used it to set lap records at the Nurburgring and the Circuit of the Americas.

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