Trump defends Syria strike on Twitter

Bruno Cirelli
Aprile 20, 2017

A United Kingdom government source said: "The important thing is that this is Britain helping to influence USA policy on Syria and Russian Federation, far from being a poodle".

Russian president Vladimir Putin and Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani said American military intervention was a "violation of worldwide law" during telephone talks backing the Syrian regime.

"We don't believe we need dialogue with London more than (London) needs it (with us)".

In Florida with the president, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said additional economic sanctions on Syria were being prepared.

U.S. officials informed Russian forces ahead of the missile strikes and avoided hitting Russian personnel.

A joint command centre made up of the forces of Russia, Iran and militias supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad said yesterday the United States strike on a Syrian air base last week crossed "red lines" and it would respond to any new aggression and increase its support for its ally.

Rouhani also said a fact-finding mission, consisting neutral countries, should be established to find where the chemical weapons in Idlib had come from.

"Both sides noted the inadmissibility of aggressive US actions against a sovereign state in violation of worldwide law", the statement said.

Mr Johnson told The Sun US president Donald Trump had shown "a resolve and willingness that has been sadly missing in the last few years" and warned the US could strike Syria again.

He says Trump's missile strike was meant as a "very strong signal to Assad and his sponsors" that the US will not stand idly by, and that Russian Federation should now reconsider support for the "murderous regime".

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that an global fact-finding committee should be formed to investigate the issue of chemical weapon usage in Syria.

United States officials said Russia's military in Syria was informed of the strike beforehand in order to avoid casualties.

A Syrian Sukhoi jet took off from the Shayrat airbase targeted by the volley of USA strikes, Hezbollah's al-Manar TV channel reported Sunday, saying repairs to the base began within hours of the attack. There was no comment from Russian Federation or Iran about the statement.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson denied in an interview on CBS's Face the Nation that the strikes signaled an overhaul of American policy, saying its priority remained to defeat Islamic State militants in the Middle East.

USA allies from Asia, Europe and the Middle East expressed support for the attack, if sometimes cautiously.

The source of the claim that chemical weapons exist in Syria should be made clear, Rouhani added.

Mr Tillerson will go ahead with his visit to Russian Federation to deliver a "clear and coordinated" message to Moscow, which continues to deny Syrian forces used chemical weapons last week.

The impact of the strikes was also unclear. "It is in our vital national security interest to prevent the spread and use of chemical weapons".

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