Sheriff: Facebook murder suspect at W.Va. Casino days before murder

Bruno Cirelli
Aprile 20, 2017

The multi-state manhunt for Steve Stephens, the so-called "Facebook killer", came to an abrupt end Tuesday morning after an employee at a Pennsylvania McDonald's recognized him.

Lane said her and Stephens were romantically involved for a while and had discussed getting married.

Police were on the way by the time he reached the pickup window.

She said the chase slowed suddenly from 50 miles per hour to about 20 miles per hour when the road narrowed from four lanes to two.One of the pursuing troopers picked his spot - in front of an abandoned school - and hit Stephens' bumper to get him to stop.

Stephens had been on the run for nearly three days when he stopped for a 20 piece Chicken McNugget and an order of fries. "I've got a lot of negative comments.I've been told that I'm the one who should have died".

Green said she last saw her son Saturday.

She told the affiliate that she tried to reach Stephens after the video of the killing surfaced on Facebook, but he didn't answer his phone.

"I said Steve, whatever you are thinking, I love you. We would like to have brought Stephens in peacefully and talked to him about why this happened", Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams said Tuesday.

Stephens was on the run for almost 48 hours after he gunned down a Cleveland man at random and posted a video of the horrific crime to Facebook.

"The next thing I know, they're approaching the vehicle". "I'm not happy he's dead at all", she said.

"We - I pulled my front drive thru girl from the window and had myself and my supervisor present at the window and basically just told him it's going to be a minute for his fries - which it wasn't really, we just wanted to make sure she got in contact with the state police".

The attendant who took his money recognized the suspect and dialed 911.

Stephens' motives aren't entirely clear, but in video of the shooting, he told Godwin to say a woman's name: Joy Lane. One of the troopers in pursuit hit Steve Stephens' bumper, causing his auto to come to an abrupt stop. As his vehicle was spinning out of control, Stephens pulled a pistol and shot himself in the head, according to police.

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