Justice plans crackdown on violent street gangs

Bruno Cirelli
Aprile 20, 2017

They put children in prostitution at age 12. Among other offenses included in the directive for prosecution are assault on a law enforcement officer, aggravated identity theft, and document fraud. "I believe if we stay at it, we can devastate this organization and that's going to be our goal".

Trump tweeted Tuesday: "The weak illegal immigration policies of the Obama Admin. allowed bad MS 13 gangs to form in cities across U.S. We are removing them fast!"

According to Sessions in the United States there are approximately 10,000 members of MS-13 spread across 40 states, while in El Salvador there are an estimated 30,000.

Sessions, the nation's top law enforcement official, said his Department of Justice had "zero tolerance for gang violence". "Depravity and violence are their calling cards, including brutal machete attacks, even beheadings", Sessions said.

"So it ... remains a significant global criminal organization, the marijuana network", he said.

Kelly's warning comes a few days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced his new effort to target immigrant gangs. "With a good lawful border, many of them of would not be here".

"My own view is there has to be some correlation between lax immigration policies and replenishment of the gangs in places where they already existed", he said. "He is determined to do that and end this lawlessness". We have your back.

"We can not allow this to continue". And so the numbers are down. Most are still waiting to enter pleas in court.

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"[He] said, 'Please don't come to our country unlawfully, apply properly and wait your turn.' That's what a legal system is about". Then on April 3, he directed his department to review all the consent decrees that have been considered, written and approved with municipalities across the country, each of which concerned officers purposely violating the civil rights of people of color. "And in the process we can protect them from some of the violent criminals and terrorists that are coming in".

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