Jimmy Kimmel boots Matt Damon from United Airlines

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Aprile 20, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel has enlisted the help of his ultimate "frenemy" Matt Damon to rip United Airlines in a spoof campaign.

The late night host is notorious for bumping his archenemy, Matt Damon from appearing on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" so "The Great Wall" actor seemed like the ideal fit for the humorous ad.

Damon served as the voiceover actor for the "commercial", starting off with some standard corporate-speak on behalf of the airline, before stopping himself. We work hard to get you safely to your destination, and that's why we - you know what, no.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" is aired in India on Star World. For more than 10 years now, Damon and Kimmel have been involved in a running joke (or a fake feud, if you will) whereby Kimmel will routinely apologize to Damon for bumping him from a scheduled appearance on the show. I can't do this anymore.

Damon said: "We're United Airlines".

"We're people dammit, and we deserve to be treated with dignity", he said.

Before he could finish his rant, Kimmel took over and invited customers to "fly the friendly skies".

The actor can then be heard screaming "you people are animals" as viewers hear what sounds like a struggle.

"In some cases, some people deserved to get bumped", Kimmel laughed.

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