Easter Egg Hunt 2017

Bruno Cirelli
Aprile 20, 2017

From toddlers to pre-teens, children (and parents) patiently wait behind the rope for the horn to blow at 1 p.m.to collect the colorful bounty.

Her mother Sitapa Downing said her daughter stood behind the rope line prior to the start, looking intently for a golden egg.

"They're all behind the ropes, ducked under in their sprint position".

Preparation for the April 15 Seeley Lake Lions Easter Egg Hunt took hours, but the egg hunters picked their eggs, received their prizes and enjoyed their candy in less than thirty minutes.

Around 500 people attended the event which included an opportunity to meet the Easter Bunny himself. The next year the total doubled, as 14 children participated.

We surely do not much consider it, but those chocolates, gifts, coins and the occasional dollar bill did not leap into those little plastic eggs of their own accord. The Moses Lake Sand Scorpions held their annual hunt with more than 6,000 eggs spread out through the dunes. According to McDonald's executive assistant Mabel Ayuyu, the event turned out to be a huge success, a success she wishes to see annually. "I make it a point to come back and give them a hand". "Without them, we couldn't have this wonderful, grand occasion that we have every year".

They liked the music and all the games and the park was the flawless setting for the Easter Egg Hunt. Another 96 eggs contained a ticket with a number. Even the children have been accused of smashing the eggs at the event.

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