Snapchat World Lenses Go 3D

Bruno Cirelli
Aprile 19, 2017

After seeing its main features adopted by Facebook's suite of mobile apps, Snapchat has launched the all-new 3D world lenses. You can then move these 3D objects across the plane with your finger before taking a photo or video - can be moved during capture as well.

The social network, now worth more than $28 billion, is allowing users to add 3D lenses when using the rear camera.

Augmented reality, or AR, is the nascent technology being developed by tech titans like Apple and startups like Google-backed Magic Leap. According to the company, the lineup will change daily.

The intro video provided an impressively easy incarnation of AR.

World Lenses now bring more live filters that can spice up virtually anything, not just selfies.

To try it out, just tap and hold on the screen, and select one of the new Lenses. Many of the Lenses contain several options within themselves - the speech phrases, for example, can be tapped on to cycle through alternate words and styles. The other world lens "Hey" can be used to place floating gestures like Gross, Love, and even OMG.

The new feature is definitely another new, fun and worthwhile addition. For the first time, you can place the filter in a location on your camera screen and move around to explore the augmented reality feature's three dimensions. Now, World Lenses lets you insert objects into the world and interact with them.

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