Netflix is Bringing Back Carmen Sandiego - With Gina Rodriguez!

Paterniano Del Favero
Aprile 19, 2017

Gina Rodriguez will be voicing Carmen Sandiego in a new Netflix reboot of the series.

The game spawned a host of sequels, as well as a TV game show, animated series, books, games and more.

Netflix's adaption marks the second attempt of reviving the iconic character. The series will not only examine how Carmen Sandiego became the worldwide criminal she's known as today, but also explore why she chose to become a thief in the first place.

The "Carmen Sandiego" reboot will feature 20 episodes, each 22 minutes long, and will premiere in 2019.

Netflix and reps for Gina have yet to comment on the news. Previous voice actors for Carmen Sandiego have included the legendary Rita Moreno, who's also on Netflix right now in One Day at a Time.

Are you excited for the return of Carmen Sandiego?

The episodes have, allegedly, already been ordered and will probably be as educational as the PBS show and the computer game that came before that.

The series will tell the story of the adventurous, globetrotting Carmen, who looks to her "gumshoes" for help with identifying the locations of her henchmen. She told Twitter that she has the fedora and the coat ready to go in her closet. '90s kids will remember the animated series Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? The show will follow a young Carmen and answer how and why she became a super thief.

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