Caught on Camera: Gunfire narrowly misses little girl

Geronimo Vena
Aprile 19, 2017

The scared little girl can be seen running away from the front of the business.

Cops say the young girl was injured by flying glass, and only narrowly avoided being shot.

Local police, who released the video, allege the shooting was carried out by one Michael Hart, 23, a vagrant unhappy with the work he'd had done in nearby Damaged Ink Tattoo.

Sergeant Daniel Mejia said: 'Investigators believe that the shooter was outside in the parking lot'. By that afternoon, she'd be in the hospital, according to AZ Central.

"The two rounds entered the barbershop through the window and they were on each side of this little girl's head", said Tyler.
The bullets missed their intended target and hit the barbershop instead.

Chandler police posted a video of the terrifying incident to its Facebook page.

Hart and Santos were being held Thursday at Maricopa County Jail. Hart was asked to leave and come back later.

Hart was arrested and faces a number of charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and endangerment.

According to WREG, the bullets struck the window at head level.

U.S. police released security camera footage which caught the terrifying moments in which shots were fired at an Arizona barber shop.

Hart and Rafael Santos, 21, were arrested on Tuesday. She told cops that Hart admitted to being in a shooting and that he'd "popped off" some rounds.

Police also arrested another man, 21-year-old Rafael Santos, who allegedly was in the vehicle with Hart at the time of the shooting.

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